Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Waiting Game

Having a baby in 6 days.. Nice, because I know the day, but it makes me crazy waiting for each day to pass! My hips are killing me. I'm over it, just give me the baby!

Speaking of.... I finally found some bedding that I liked for the nursery. It's being ordered from etsy and will be here, oh.. I dunno.. the week after my baby comes. Which is why I haven't posted a single thing for his room! It's mint and gray and citron yellow, but I wanna make sure I "man" it up. And of course I never got around to painting the baby's room. It's currently a dark gray/navy, we really can't even tell. I just wanted it lighter and brighter in there, but I'll have to get to that later.

Last week, I tackled a project I've been looking forward to for a while now: an Ikea hack.
I bought these unfinished nightstands from Ikea...

And painted them & added fun trim.
Well... I don't love them. 
The paint in our room is so dark, that these charcoal nightstands just kind of blend in too much, PLUS I had painting issues. The fact that it's 10 degrees probably doesn't help. Granted they're better than the unfinished crap version, but I might end up redoing them in white with gold trim. 

These chairs have been ordered, in the tan/gray tweed fabric below for our family room.
 I REALLY hope they turn out nice, I was on a tighter budget for these and went with a neutral, because I'm finding that the things that are neutral in my house are the things I love long term. I tend to get sick of pattern, as they can be trendy or just "too much." 
Our ceilings are super high so I wanted some chairs with height. Won't be done til mid February though =(
P.S. They're from Gatehouse in Orem. I give them an A so far for service! They're so great to work with.. any locals that need furniture, let me know, because I have a girl who is awesome.

My barstools came! I love them, mucho. However Restoration Hardware has been slightly disappointing. Our desk came that we got for our office and it had nicks in it, and an odd corner that looked like it had been colored in with a sharpie!
Not even kidding.
I was bugged and didn't want to wait around to request a new one. So they gave me a further discount. Made me feel a little better at least.
But back to these barstools. They are fantastic.
So, am I the only one that shops Joss & Main, or One Kings Lane, or those sites where you have to make an impulse buy quickly? I actually hate it because I need time to decide on things! This settee was my first purchase from Joss & Main, and I was pleasantly surprised. Cheap shipping, it came fast, and was easy to assemble. 
Joss & Main- good job.
 Ballard Designs has been a site I've been so excited about, and I ordered my dining table from there. As previously posted, when the table arrived, it was missing a piece!! The piece that attaches everything together!! And they informed me they couldn't get the piece for 4 MONTHS.
SO they expected me to sit around a table that wasn't bolted in, and ready to topple onto my toddler. Sorry, not happening. They've been a total joke, trying to get them to come pick it up and return it. I'm still waiting for my refund, and kinda turned off to order anything from them again. Failing grade, Ballard.

Enter High Fashion Home. I loved this table first, but it was more expensive than the Ballard one, but since that one was a FAIL, we just ordered this one instead and we love it. Best thing of all- it's bolted together with all the parts!

Aaaaaand that's the update on our furniture woes. Live & learn. I'm so sick of ordering things and then being disappointed but then there's just not a lot of options locally that I'm a fan of.
We are taking a house break for a while, and focusing on the baby which will also be very expensive, but so worth it!

Stay tuned ;)

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  1. I love seeing your house get put together! I can't wait to see pics of the new little one soon :)


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