Monday, January 7, 2013


I've been doing a little self-loathing lately because I super miss being in shape. Sure, lots of people can and do continue to eat healthy and exercise to the max during pregnancy. I've tried, not super hard, but let's be honest, some things just don't pan out as well as you want during those tough 9 months. But the great thing is, I know what my body is capable of and I know what to do to get myself into shape again. Having a baby is just one of those sacrifices, but sooo worth it. =)

I still follow fitness competitions and get on and such because, well, fitness still is a passion of mine. I'm super inspired by the new season of Biggest Loser cuz Jillian's back! And also because they're focusing on childhood obesity. Both good calls.

Anyways, I happened upon this article on (follow the link to see em!).... I always love a good makeover!

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