Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas post!

We headed up to Yakima, WA to my hometown to spend the holidays with my family. So great. Lots of noise, lots of kids, and lots of things to entertain Carter. In fact, I barely saw him. But it's always so fun to be around family.
Before we left town, we opened the majority of the Christmas presents we got each other in our little family.
We got Carter a canvas teepee tent... I just thought it was cute and something to take up more of his empty room ;) He asked to take a nap in it yesterday, and he actually laid down for a while..
Carter got a tool set from his Grandpa Dave. He was pretty stoked about that.
 Carter, of course, had a blast with all my little siblings. My dad assembled the train around the tree, and while they LOVED it, they just kept knocking it off the track & touching it, so it didn't last more than a day
 Some shots of us getting ready to go sledding!
 Between Aaron and auntie Val, Carter had a blast going sledding with them. But he mostly just likes to eat all the snow.
Christmas Eve, we get together with extended family at my uncle's barn to do a nativity & eat (obviously). Not only did Utah get pounded with snow, but so did Washington... I think every single one of these boys biffed it at least once trying to "help" others get outta the snow. It was quite comical actually =)
 Christmas morning chaos!!
 On some unrelated notes:
The TJ Maxx in Yakima, WA is AMAZING. It's a jackpot. And I love treasure hunting when I'm in town. I had no intention of having bright blue anywhere in my house, but these chairs made it home with me. Currently in my living room, waiting to be arranged and decorated =)
I got some cool news this week from one of my favorite baptisms from my mission. Joelma was from my first area and she was golden for years, and we finally saw her baptized on my mission. Now her son Rafael has the Priesthood, and was able to baptize his sister, Carol, who just turned 8. Sooo exciting! One of those missionary memories that resurface and remind you what an awesome experience it was.

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