Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sorry for the week-long delay here, but we're finally settled in our apartment just outside of Houston. Gotta say I kinda love it so far!
It may be for the fact that the day we left Utah, it looked like this: (If you follow me on instagram you've already seen all these!)
sick sick
24 hours in the car ( a 2-day trip) we ended up here...
It's been up to high 80's everyday and I LOVE IT.
 My little man Carter did so good in the car.. we're always amazed at how lucky we got with this toddler of ours that behaves during all the road trips we go on.
 We got in Saturday night just in time to run to the store for groceries and hit the sack.. and by sack I mean air mattress since our furniture (STILL) hasn't arrived...
I managed to throw together an Easter dinner and some cute goodies I found on pinterest.
 Texas pride I spotted at the store
 And I bought a pretty friend for the summer... she better last all 3 months!!
 We have a balcony since we're on the 2nd floor, which I originally was kinda pissed about. I am SO over apartments especially dragging up groceries and a kid up a bunch of stairs everyday. But my son loves the balcony and I gotta admit it's kinda fun. I wish I could spruce it up but alas.. gotta save all my good ideas for the HOUSE we do not have yet.
I'm totally loving spring and just want to be outdoors. Only wish this is what my surroundings looked like! (all via my pinterest)

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