Friday, April 20, 2012

Crafty AND thrifty

This isn't my idea, I stole it, (from here) just like any other good idea. And I made a crappy, cheap, temporary version to adorn my walls for 4 months, cuz after that, it'll be garbage. 
This project cost me ONE DOLLAR. Okay mostly... I spent $15 (with a coupon) on the Martha Stewart butterfly hole punch which I wanted to buy anyway so I don't count that.
The foam board was from the dollar store.
And the colored butterflies? Yeah I jacked about 30 paint chips from Walmart. FREE
 I was going for a kind of colorful ombre effect. You like? If you're thinking, wow that must have taken awhile to tape those things on- cuz yes I did use tape. Didn't feel like running back to the craft store to spend money on those sticky backs to make them pop, but in the future when I made a GOOD version, I will go all out, rest assured!
 Hit up this bad boy this week- I went once in NYC and thought it was overrated. This time I still thought it was overrated AND overpriced. But hey, a "healthy" dessert that doesn't make you feel guilty? Done

These lovelies came in the mail this week (on clearance at Serena & Lily), because I REALLY needed something to corral my jewelry. I mean, you just can't have necklaces and earrings strewn across the dresser now can you?! I say unto you, no you can not.
A while back, I stumbled across these on Pinterest-
mega ultra love actually
Not that I have a set of antlers lying around, but if I did find some, I'd DIY this thing up
I happened to find some beautiful already made ones on etsy and the colors are so awesome and chic.
It's decided. I must have a bright painted antler to adorn the fireplace I don't have

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