Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ahhhh so true. BUT! Is there an exception??
I see a new trend a-brewin that really tickles my fancy... the lovely ankle strap!

Here lies my dilemma: I'm 5'1.5" Short stubby legs and thick calves, and certain trends just do not look good on me. Like... Bermuda shorts. Skinny jeans (I wear em anyway.. duh). The wide, boxy, short t-shirts that are in. Turtlenecks. Beanies (I have a round face, to top it off).
Heels are supposed to give you that height right??? But I'm pretty sure that having a strap across your foot "cuts" your leg and makes em look shorter.
But I tried these lovelies on below the other day and i LOVE them. But not on me =( And that makes me sad.

This girl rocks em... cuz she has skinny legs. (Well, and a great outfit...... and an awesome handbag instead of a toddler).

Badgley Mischka- zappos

Steve Madden-Nordstrom

Tory Burch


While on the subject of HEELS... why the freak are they so high lately?? I mean honestly, who needs an extra 6 inches?! (besides myself). Who can even walk in those, and to where are you going?!

Anywho.. Maybe the ankle strap is best suited for models. And tall girls. With skinny legs. Models. Along those lines, I've decided I have gone way too long without an important shoe staple: leopard flats. Maybe that's the best outlet here regarding my shoe craving. Make note. My birthday's next month ;)
old navy

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  1. Seriously I have the same problem! I think the ankle straps are so so cute, but every time I try them on all I think is that I am way too short or that my legs are too short to be wearing them! And the same goes for bermuda shorts...although I still totally wear those. What are us short, garment wearing ladies supposed to do?? Oh the dilemma of a short girl! :)


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