Monday, April 16, 2012


Since- I dunno, probably high school, I've always had people wonder what my ethnicity is. Usually they guess Spanish or some Latin country and I always find it interesting to see what they come up with. Actually more recently, I've gotten Hawaiian, and a fellow competitor backstage at my fitness competition asked if I was Asian. .. (????)
So if you know me, or my family, you'd just know I'm white. Of English ancestry. Nothin exciting! Sorry to disappoint...
(But I could speak some Portuguese for ya?)

Anyhow this post is kinda random but my trips to the mall out of boredom have led me to a trend conclusion:

Ethnic is IN

It kinda started out with chevron and ikat, and now Southwestern and tribal patterns are everywhere!
Which is interesting because I honestly used to HATE this stuff. Not that long ago even, and know it's really growing on me. 
And now I've got feathered earrings and ikat pillows, and want a Turkish rug!!
Which brings me to ponder upon this: Do I really like this stuff? Has it grown on me to the point that I actually do like it?
Or the fact that it's everywhere, and it's trendy, that makes me want to hop on board?
I don't know!!
 K I used to hate persian rugs- those traditional, oriental type that cost 1000's of $$. But I'm kind of in love with this rug from UO all of a sudden... weird.
Look at all this tribal goodness I stumbled across this week!
(I should link these, I really should. But I'm lazy. Leave a comment and I'll give you their source!)

 REALLY love these gap shorts...


  1. where is the second rug from?

  2. Where is that great necklace from?


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