Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not baby hungry

So my week's a whirlwind. We are packing half of all our crap to live off of over the summer, leaving our condo vacant for 4 months, and moving to Houston. Can't believe we do this every year. 
Anyways, I'm feeling better about the whole post-competiton stuff I've been whining about. Basically I've just had to get to work at the gym, and I feel wonderful!
As soon as we move to Houston, we're moving Carter, our 2-year old into a twin bed(!!) This makes me sad... he's never attempted to climb out of his crib, but is very content in there. So now it kinda makes me sad like I won't have my little baby anymore =(
Speaking of babies....
I saw this on pinterest the other day.. maybe you did too. At first glance, I thought, what an awesome, glamorous space! And then I realized that's a bassinet.
And I thought whaaaat? 
Just too much for a girl's nursery.
But then I couldn't help myself to follow the link and see the rest of the room....
It's classy yet whimsical. Sophisticated but still fun
That paint color kills me.
Subtle circus.. I heart this.

Do you love it too? It's kinda nice to not see "baby" stuff and tacky themes... But it's still cute and appropriate =)

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