Sunday, April 15, 2012

I heart texas

So we've been down here in Houston for a week.. and I can honestly say this place rocks! The weather right now is to die for.. 80 degrees, breezy, great for walks and warm enough for the pool. And our apartments are also great. As well as our friends!
Carter's been hangin out with his buddy Kaden (and Leighton) pretty much everyday...
 I made some treats the other day- cake bites for our friends birthday. Soooo good. And only complete with Blue Bell ice cream. Only found in the south (I think). PS are you wondering if I've gotten fat since my fitness show?!! Um to answer that, yes... Okay not really. But my little "skinny" shorts have gotten tight and I'm avoiding the scale. So I'm self-conscious. But I'm trying!
 Mr. Carter was most excited about the sprinkles.. =)
 We went down to the boardwalk in Kemah. Anyone been there?? It's a fun little town right on the gulf, with a small aquarium, food, and rides. I love stuff like that.

 We had a fun day to say the least!


  1. Cute Steph! Looks like you guys are having a great time!

  2. So fun looking through all your Texas pictures! I love Kemah! My fiance, Devon's, family is from Houston - they're spread out over League City, Sealy, Shelly, and the Woodlands now, but we always stay in League City when we visit. Kemah was such a fun little stop the last time we visited!

    Devon would be so jealous if he saw your Blue Bell pictures! The other week, and last Summer as a surprise for him, we drove all the way down to Provo and back to get Blue Bell from the one place in Utah that carries it as a gift for his mom's birthday.

    I've never visited Texas and had to endure bad weather! Granted, we've never been in the dead of Summer... but all of our Christmas trips and early Spring trips have been so wonderful! It's always hard to come back to frigid Utah after a 75 degree new years :)

  3. I'm so glad your loving Texas! Those cake bites look so good. I've always wanted to make them but never have. I need to come up with an excuse to try them out!


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