Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I've learned from training for FIGURE

This has been a long process- maybe my readers are sick of hearing about it! We're down to 3 1/2 weeks and at this point, I just wanna get there!
There's a lot I've learned along the way- good things and bad, and I might as well share if anyone foresees themselves taking this journey as well =)

1. This hobby is EXPENSIVE. I kid you not... I don't even want to add up all the expenses with training, and then the suit, shoes, tanning, beautification before the show, etc. It's fun because it's kind of like a fitness beauty pageant and you get the experience of looking your best, but man..  my poor husband keeps seeing one purchase after another.. it's like.. sorry!

2. I am TIRED. Right now, at 1200 calories a day, but a solid 90 minutes of training everyday, I just am struggling with energy. By 7 pm, I'm about ready to crash. And that's without doing my 2 workouts a day that I had planned on! That being said, I'm also a little moody. I like carbs, and when I don't get enough, I really feel it, physically and emotionally.

3. Training for a competition is all-consuming. You have to plan out your meals, keep good foods in the house, keep your mind-set in competition mode so you don't binge on junk. Life revolves around getting your workouts in.

3. My immune system is compromised. I swear, I've had a cold for 2 months... during these last and hardest 2 months of training. I'm taking vitamins, eating as many greens & healthy foods as I can, but like I said, the calorie deficit takes a toll.

4. Even if you've had kids, you can still get a 6-pack! This is the good part! It's a mommy myth that your body will never be the same, and maybe for some, that is true... but it is amazing what proper training and nutrition can do. I've mentioned that I don't do crunches... and I really don't. I engage my core enough with other exercises that I don't have to spend hours on the floor doing sit-ups. Plus, once you get your body fat low enough, those abs will show through!

5. Good-bye cellulite. Another bonus! Squats, lunges, leg press... lots of exercises that I avoided for a while, thinking it'd bulk up my already thick thighs. All it's done is smoothed things out and tightened things up!

6. It's inspiring! I had no idea how many people would be supportive and encouraging me through this process, and how many people would develop a newfound desire to get fit. That in itself is very rewarding =)

I love this image from my pinterest. It keeps me motivated, and keeps me excited for the showdown!
Ultimately, I've learned that I have more self-discipline than I ever imagined. Friends ask me all the time, I don't know how you do it... how do you have the self-control of saying no to treats? It's so hard, I can't even tell you, but I've learned to do it. If I'm gonna be wearing a skimpy suit like the ones above, on a stage in front of people, suddenly that piece of cake just doesn't look so good. And I REALLY like cake...and anything with sugar =) I've "cheated" on my diet, I've had moments of weakness, but the key is getting back on track, putting in the time at the gym, and refocusing my efforts. It'll all be worth it!

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  1. I love this post. It's so true that you don't have to do sit ups to get a 6 pack. I pretend like I'm doing a figure competition Haha. Nice work girl. So amazing


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