Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun finds

I've been trying to be a good girl lately and cut back on the shopping. OH, I'm lying. I feel like I've been doing better, though really... until I hit up Pier 1 yesterday. (And Old Navy and TJ Maxx). Whoops.
Does anyone else get sucked into the little trinkets? Things that aren't all that expensive but they're cute, or they're cool... and then all of a sudden, that's all you've got is little worthless things that your husband thinks is just clutter? 
Pier 1 has lots of awesome things right now.
Well, take for example, this awesome green geometric thing. Turns out it is a tea mug, with some kind of tea filter in it (I don't really drink tea, so what do I know?) But it was on sale, and the pattern was cool. So I bought it. Think it would be cute in a bathroom, for I dunno... Q-tips?
Then ikat gift bags were on sale... I'm a sucker for cute gift bags.
This gold star thing is big and ceramic and I actually really love it. No buyer's remorse here! It'd add a punch to a nice neutral room (imagining I had one of those...)
And I'm always looking for holiday decor that's not cheesy or tacky or screams HOLIDAY. I thought these cute lil bunnies were worthy of my money =)

On an unrelated note
I appreciate everyone's input on my choices of competition suits! I've been kinda stressing because I was so undecided and time is running out... and then I found this CORAL one, and I was sold. I'm mildly obsessed with coral and orange lately, and I think once I'm super tan (pretty much as tan as this black mannequin) it'd look pretty sweet. I sent in my measurements and ordered it today!

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  1. Good call on the Coral. Love that color. I like that one way better than any of the others!


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