Thursday, February 9, 2012

I think I just found my dream kitchen

Oh my gosh Better Homes and Gardens. You have swept me off my feet yet again with this amazing kitchen.
I am obsessed with everything. That faux bamboo chandelier is off the hook.
(Except that I'd still like some closed cupboards up top)
 Look at the cabinetry!!!!
And the marble backsplash is to die for. I'm not usually a fan of open shelving because of the clutter factor, but since everything is so subtle and neutral, I totally love this. Just a few fun pops of color

 Love faucets like this. And the sink that is the same material as the countertop so it just flows. So lovely

 And of course, awesome organization!!


  1. Your dream kitchen looks neat because of the colors used. It's mixes contemporary design and traditional styles, which is refreshing and unique. I said that because of how the texture of the wood, the bricks, and stones match together. This is definitely the kitchen for you.

  2. The dirty white color of the wall makes the area look more spacious. The motif looks very "modern", but the light and the metal works on the wall are of old style, which makes it look classy. The black tile-work, though, makes the working area a little bit cluttered. You might want to consider a lighter color to complement its "neat and spacious" theme. Overall, the kitchen looks nice.

    -Randell Jeffries

  3. Oh, it’s truly a dream kitchen! The very organized structures and vanities look stunning, don’t they? =) From the chairs and table, countertops, cabinets, up to the chandelier – everything harmonizes to each other. The space is ideal too; it’s neither too spacious nor too cramped.


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