Sunday, February 19, 2012

new love

I still get a lot of questions lately about my diet and what my training consists of. I'm over 4 weeks out til my show, my diet is tightening up, and I have to be pretty selective about what I put in my mouth. I am craving PEANUT BUTTER. And while most of us think, but that's a good, healthy fat, can you really not have that? The answer is probably no, I shouldn't be. Peanuts aren't the best source of getting healthy fats, it contains sugar and salt, and honestly I just don't have the calories to spare in my diet so justify 200 on a measly portion of delicious peanut butter. But I still really want it!

Enter my new love:
This is PB2. It's not a peanut butter substitute, but somehow they've made peanuts into a powder, and took out 85% of the calories and fat!!! A 2 TBSP serving is only 45 calories! You just mix it with water- and it's actually quite good.

Most of you are already leading a healthy lifestyle, and I say, eat the real thing. (After all, a small jar of PB2 set me back $7!) But if a clean lifestyle is part of your goal, and cutting calories is part of your plan, you could give this a try =) It's awesome in protein shakes, and I put some on my protein pancakes this morning. So delicious!

I ordered mine from amazon, but I've heard Whole Foods sells it. I'd check online for the best prices... and someone let me know how the chocolate one is- I haven't tried it yet!


  1. I so wish I would have read this before my trip to Whole Foods today! Right now I'm off meat, most dairy, and sweets- including artificial sweeteners, flour, and refined anything - with a small exception for a piece of fruit a day. Peanut and almond butter are such a nice treat when you're being so strict, but it's so hard thinking of consuming that many calories with just a spoonful! I'll have to keep my eye out for this and give it a shot sometime!

  2. Hey Stephanie- Just saw your comment! Mostly it's to get myself started, then I'll be back to a moderate vegetarian diet. I've noticed I have a hard time with the "all things in moderation" way of life, so for me it's easier to cut out all the sweet treats and creamy cheeses I tend to binge on and replace them with tons of fresh raw veggies and rich grains... because there's nothing moderate about 2 cupcakes and 5 cakebites in one night ;) Plus when I follow a "whole foods" -based vegetarian diet I find I can eat as much as I feel like, feel hungry less often, and never get the post-meal sleepies like I tend to when eating poorly, and lose weight gradually.

    I was vegetarian for a few years before I met my boyfriend, then I adopted many of his horrible horrible eating habits [and about 40lbs,] so when I put certain items off limits for myself it helps keep things in perspective - after all, if he wanted to pick up Carl's Jr. on the way home and all I can choose from is a wilted iceberg salad vs. tons of produce and homemade vegetarian meals made at home, we're both way more likely to eat healthfully at home!

    Sorry for the novel :) Your progress is really amazing! I've been visiting the gym more frequently lately and it's so cool feeling your body adapt and get stronger. I can't imagine how accomplished you must feel!


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