Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eating out without the guilt

Sorry this is so blurry, but I hope you can make it out, or at least get the gist.
This is from my Shape magazine, and it made me happy.

Let me tell you, eating out can absolutely destroy your healthy eating regimen. I would know because for the next 6 weeks, I am avoiding restaurants.
Their portions are ginormous, and most dishes are laden with enough extra fat, sodium, and calories to last you two days!
I'm so glad to see lots of restaurants catching on to the healthier menus.

Here's Denny's, Applebee's and Boston Market. The differences are astounding!! And honestly some of those "healthier" meals look just as appetizing, and you know you won't leave feeling disgusting.. and guilty.
In case it's unclear:
Denny's All-American slam: 1280 calories, 93 g fat!!
    Fit Slam: 390 calories, 12 g fat
Applebee's Shrimp & Parmesan Sirloin: 1210 calories, 78 g fat
   Under 550 Roasted Garlic Sirloin: 450 calories, 19 g fat
Bostom Market Rotisserie Chicken with Creamed Spinach & Loaded mashed potatoes: 900 calories, 51 g fat
   Skinless Chicken with Garlicky Lemon Spinach and mashed potatoes: 630 calories, 24 g fat

Notice how the newer, healthier plates are just as full; you're getting plenty of food still, but the right kinds.
Make good choices people!

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