Thursday, October 13, 2011


It's pretty ridiculous that there are already issues with our house that isn't even started...
They're stupid issues, really, and they are mine, not the builder's. We've designated on our floor plans which room will be the office and talking about it to my husband the other day, the subject of desks came up- which kind of desk should be in there. Of course I already have a vision... I DO want it to be masculine enough for him (although let's be honest, I'm the one always on the computer).
Here's some inspirational photos: please note the desks, for they are so stylish and beautiful...

This is my favorite office space ever

I realize some of these are still pretty feminine, but just looking at the DESKS and the placement with storage solutions, I think they're great ideas. What does my husband say?? They're ugly! They're tables! They're too small!!

SO I say, oh so what's your idea of a desk that you want to put in there?
AND HERE IT IS..... Our future metal crappy hideous bachelor pad RC willey, bought by men who don't know any better DESK.
No offense if you own this desk or something like it.......
I'm all about function, I'm all about compromise... But I gotta have something decent to work with, don't ya think??!

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  1. okay, so seriously, are you stuck with that desk?? A writing desk is ideal! I am trying to talk my hubby into the WM Campaign desk (here: for his 'man room.' Wish me luck!


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