Sunday, October 9, 2011


Halloween's one of my favorite holidays. I don't LOVE orange, or witches and crap like that, but I just love the spookiness of it all.
Here's some of my favorite vignettes and decor ideas, from pinterest:

Pumpkins covered in pantyhose! You may think that's trashy but I say totally classy
 Silver, white and black.. so stylish. Love this banner too
 Martha Stewart has this bat hole punch that I've been looking for ALL over.. I'll probably end up ordering it online, but I think this idea is super cute

Classic black and white- can't go wrong cuz it's not cheesy!
 Really love this one too.. naturals plus some goodies on the table =)
I love the idea of decorating pumpkins but without a ton of work, cuz after all, they just rot after a few weeks...
I'm obsessed with these white pumpkins with the polka dots....
 Reminds me of this anthropologie clutch that I'm crushing on!

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