Wednesday, October 5, 2011


You know what.. I love my iMac, in fact I love anything apple. Except for when my keyboard goes out on me and isn't fixable when the batteries are changed. Hence the lack of blog posts! You should see my sad, pathetic state of trying to wander through pinterest and stalk my daily blogs, only by using my mouse, and clicking on past history! And not to mention my blogpress app does not properly work on my phone lately either. LAME
The good news is- we got a new keyboard! Which I'm happy about because our old broken one also had rust on it, let me tell you why:
One night during the summer I was painting my nails. Being the internet/computer-obsessed person that I am, I couldn't quite wait for the nail polish to dry, so I thought I'd type, but being very careful. I'm not a careful person. So of course, I got nail polish on the keyboard and FREAK out (my husband's gonna kill me!!!) So immediately I think... nail polish remover!! Sure, nail polish remover got the nail polish right off, but rubbed the finish right off too, so we had this ugly, ghetto rust spot on our keyboard. Girls, don't ever do this.
All in all, my husband didn't care that much, because after all, he white-trashed up our monitor by putting a sticker of his company on it. And it's ORANGE. I was beyond ticked.

My, am I chatty or what? Must be the build-up of a week of not posting, I have so many things to talk about!
The best news is (which kinda tops the new keyboard) is.......

We're officially building our house!! The offer was accepted today and I am stoked!!! Any locals familiar with Sleepy Ridge golf course in Orem? Yup, that's the spot. Should be securing our lot tomorrow =) =) =) Oh and can I mention, it's all in my name? Yes, my very first house.

Sooo, of course I'm already scheming about what I'm gonna do to this bad boy once he's built. And there's a lot to decide before building, so I gladly accept any suggestions, especially if you've built or have renovated. Do I know what I'm doing? Not really. But I sure know what I want it to look like, much to the annoyance of our realtor and selling agent, for "lots of white" really surprises them. Sorry, not everyone loves Utah builder bland.

The kitchen's first on my hit list-
Here's my inspiration:
So, I'm gonna tweak this a bit, but I LOVE that it's fresh but still warm ya know? Don't think my kitchens' gonna be this big though, or this fancy..........

Here's kinda my take on it, and luckily if the builder selection isn't to my liking, they'll most likely get it for me.

I intend on being very prepared when we head to the design center, let's just say.
It's going to be an exciting couple of months.

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