Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My home is seriously lacking in the art department. Sure I love mirrors, and family photos are cool, but I feel like good, big art kinda bumps decorating up a notch. 
Art can be pricey. And I'm not one to fork out ridiculous amounts of money on something I'll probably wanna change up in just a few years.
Here's some of my favorites I've had stashed away in my "someday" folder...

Alright this is 2 grand, so out of my budget, and it's also sold out.
But I still love it

This etsy print is only $25

Cozamia has some super awesome and colorful art prints for very reasonable prices

 I love these flamingos. They were for sale a while back on Joss & Main. They'll probably come back..

 Also from J&M, I love the vintage regency of this =)
 K so this is just fabric from spoonflower- a hip fabric website. I thought this would be pretty cool just framed with a white mat.

This etsy artist is so rad. And inexpensive

 I've been diggin this canvas for a while now. It's from world market, which has TONS of affordable art. Check it

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