Wednesday, October 12, 2011

La Amazon

Warning: this is kind of a wordy post, but helpful if you're not aware of already of amazon's goodness!

I have a major love affair with (And no, I'm not getting paid for this advertising). I got into amazon back in college, because that's where everyone says to buy textbooks. Shipping's pretty cheap and they have a huge selection of literally EVERYTHING. K so, here's why I love it even more:
Well, first off, I love Costco... but what I don't love is taking 100000000 trips back and forth from the car, bringing in those huge boxes of diapers, detergent, toilet paper, Sonicare heads! you name it.

Now, I order most of that stuff from amazon for a couple reasons-

#1. It arrives right to your doorstep.. no more lugging big ol boxes down the stairs, while juggling a toddler.
#2. In comes in 2 days! (I'll explain why) It's like... "oh crap I only have like 7 diapers left???! I really don't want to go back to Walmart since I just went... I'll risk it and hope he doesn't have major blowouts, and just order em on Amazon, and VOILA. Good move.
#3. Their customer service is awesome. I've had a problem only once when our multivitamins arrived melted (middle of July in St Louis... and p.s. they're the same gummy vitamins Costco sells, I just don't have to make the trip, and prices are comparable!) I emailed amazon, they sent me new ones overnight, problem solved.

K so you know amazon prime?? It's free shipping (on thousands of items, not all) but you pay a yearly FEE. Not so with amazon MOM! Go to and check it out. It's not just for moms- anyone can use this program, and it's not just baby stuff. The "prime" benefits apply to literally anything you can think of.

The best part is the "subscribe and save" option. You save an extra 30% by opting to receive your huggies, or TP, whatever it is you want monthly, every 2 or 6 months, etc. It just arrives on your doorstep, but keep in mind that you can turn off the subscription whenever, no big deal. (Am I sounding like an informercial??)
I just ordered Huggies last night.. they'll be here tomorrow... and then 2 months from now. I'll never run out and I never have to lug em in from the store. I love it.

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