Friday, September 2, 2011

teen bedroom makeover!

I've been helping a "client," Kendra over the past year with some ideas for her house, and this summer she recruited my not-so-expertise to help decorate her niece's bedroom. This was all done online, so I haven't seen any of this in person.
Gotta admit, the before and after is pretty impressive!


So, here was the game plan:
The art print of the woman on the left was what she had to start with, so we planned around that.
They wanted black and white with some pops of color, and with a 30's vibe. 


 Kendra and her sister did a lot of the work themselves, with painting and reupholstering, etc. Quite the turn-around right?!


  1. That looks AMAZING. I love the color combos. I want some of those pillows for my bedroom. We have the whole black and white thing already, but I want to splash in a little yellow now. Cute!

  2. this really is a fantastic transition!! You picked out such a gorgeous palette, fit for a teen who can grow into adulthood in that room. Great job!


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