Friday, September 9, 2011

adios summer =(

I dunno where YOU live, but here in Utah County, it was still 90 degrees today. BUT apparently summer is on it's way out. One of my favorite things about summer is when it cools off at night, and it's fresh and comfortable, and that's how it was tonight. Love it.

Here's what I'm gonna miss....

But FALL is on its way!

Bring it fall, I am READY


  1. Stephanie, querida! obrigada pela visita. Adoro quando você passa pelo Achados de Decoração e me deixa um comentário. beijos e ótimo domingo

  2. here in Texas...we still have 100 degrees weather too! but I can feel a little breeze sometime...I appreciate you for placing the *shop* in your resource list...blushing!


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