Wednesday, September 7, 2011

kardashian klosets

The walk-in closet. Totally sought after by women. I would know, we are house hunting.
I confess there are MANY things I covet from the Kardashians, and pics of their glamorous walk-in closets just added to that list.

Oh, Kourtney, your little short self needs a ladder.. girl, no worries, I'd need one too
 K so I'd kinda like to own Kim's dress... and shoes. jewel tones are where it's at
 And the rest are of the Khloe
This LIGHT fixture!  i die

 yeeeeep that's a lot of shoes. that's a lot of heels. louboutin-mania

1 comment:

  1. I think I just had a heart attack. I am hyperventilating over the closets. And especially the SHOES!!!!!!!! Ugh, how I dream of a whole closet filled with beautiful little heels. I have told Bennett many times that there are only a few things I really want to be perfect in our future house. Firts the kitchen, and then my walk-in closet. I want it to be pink, have a vanity, chandelier, cute little chairs to sit on, etc. Ahhhhhh....dare to dream :)


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