Monday, September 12, 2011

Settees for dining

In my imaginary world of the house we put an offer on, and hoping that we actually get it, I am envisioning the kitchen/dining space and what I want to do with it. (I didn't know I was such a dreamer).

BUT I have a question, and if you have the answer, leave a comment and tell me please!!
I wonder if it's incredibly hard to get in and out of... does anyone  have a settee or bench at their table?? I have a toddler, so it's a given I'd have to have something with durable material. I'd still love to do something different that I rarely see in person, but don't want to sacrifice the convenience of traditional chairs. Know what I mean? I need seating for 6...

So look how chic this is!! And then comment.

Gorgeous right!?

totally in LOVE with this whole thing..

I'd like a simple bench also (Although I dunno that I'd call these SIMPLE), more like just plain gorgeous. A bench seems more casual to me, but this one especially just looks awesome and still sophisticated.

What say ye to that?
This is where you comment.


  1. Since you have a toddler, avoid fabric on the bench but incorporate the material on the chairs. Like chairs you can replace a chair's fabric very simply but its a much bigger task if the bench were to get stained since you will need to remove a much larger area. And even if you thought that, "I will not put my child on that side," they will without fail want to be on that side of the table more than anywhere else!!

    Happy Hunting!!!

  2. I love the idea!! It appears as though one side has to be up against a wall and my dining room is in an open space so I don't think I could pull it off very well. Maybe I'm wrong. But if you have the right room for it, then I say heck ya! As long as the fabric can be cleaned easily.


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