Thursday, September 15, 2011

let's get real..

K can I unload for a second? I am losing sleep over finding a HOUSE! It's become ridiculous and stressful! House hunting is super fun and exciting, but when you have a good idea of things you want, but  it doesn't work out or you just can't find it, it's super frustrating!
We put an offer on a house, although there were other offers and we are STILL waiting to hear what they've decided to do. The "final ultimatum" has been pushed back like 3 times, and we are still looking in the meantime.
Here's my question:
Do we go for the house that has lots of room and is practical, and priced well,
do we go for the house that is decked out with upgrades, and is SO aesthetically pleasing & just how I want it, but is unfinished and pricey??
You see, I've vented about the typical Utah-style of home, and that's really all we see- knotty alder wood, dark granite (or fake crap), tan walls, brown carpet, and stucco exteriors.
Some people love that sort of stuff, but when that's all you see, I'm sorry, I gotta be a little more unique if I can help it!
Yes we've thought about building, but even then, it's gonna be expensive and we'd rather not wait that long. It just might come to that though.
Have any opinions/advice??

I had an older lady, a real estate agent insinuate several times yesterday that I am young and that we are lucky to even be able to buy a house at our age, and that perhaps I am being high-maintenance and spoiled by making certain requests. (Little does she know this would be my husband's 3rd property!)

These lovely images do not exist in Utah County, out of our price range no doubt, but I don't need my dream home yet... =)

what to do, what to do..........


  1. Buying a house is absolutely one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever been through. But the good news is it's a buyer's market and you have the option of being as picky as you want to be. Don't let someone tell you that your expectations are too high- this is your money and you deserve to have what you want!

    We bought a builder-beige, upgraded house in Utah County two years ago. We love it but sometimes I wish we had spent less and gotten something with more space that we could have personalized a little better.

    From what I've seen of your blog you've got great taste, so I'm sure whatever you choose will look fabulous! Good luck!!

  2. I am in love with that 2nd picture kitchen!!

  3. I love your blog! I am your newest follower :-)

    Found you through 551 East.


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