Friday, June 24, 2011


Now I've gone on rampages on here about how I'm over the brown and red trend. But it can be done right! K so this space I found on a random google search, looking for coral lamps, as in the color coral. 
And I was served coral sconces. Which I now totally love and had never seen them or even thought them up in my head..
This space is all neutral.. and whatever that's cool, but the pops of red just make it SO much more interesting!
 K that back wall is also extremely awesome

Unrelated, but while we're speaking of red, here's some fun things I've stashed away in my "goodies" folder pertaining to red:
K these little side tables are everywhere.. and I happen to hate them. But transformed into a glossy red?! Awesome. And that wallpaper it's up against is maybe even more awesome.

And painted bookshelves are nothing new, neither is painting the inside, but this looks like grasscloth wallpaper and i LOVE it. 
From Kirsten's blog

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