Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Browsing around HGTV (I have a lot of time on my hands), I came across a sweet article about how to decorate your table which got me thinking.. man my table really sucks. Not just my temporary crap rented table out here, but my table back home. I need to invent in some pretty fresh flowers weekly, I'm convinced. My husband would be cool with that right?
Anywho, here's some ideas to make your centerpieces super stylish =)

Well it sure helps when you've got a freakin awesome light fixture hangin down right? 
I like the simple, yet fancy vase with a pop of color from flowers
 Set of 2 decorative vases or urns, oversized.
 Saw this months ago on the decorista... I've never loved burgundy more in my life! Love the idea of having several little vases with flowers, perched on a pretty tray
 Instead of a cluster, try a row of matching flowers, in colored bottles... Obviously for a longer table

all-white vases but not matching. i like
 this is fun, especially if things aren't too busy... collection of random things (but color-coordinated), lined up along the table with flowers

From effortless-style blog, I LOVE that she made these "vases" from tissue holders! The color combo here is killer

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