Tuesday, June 7, 2011

love my goldies

I have a slight fascination with gold. Remember the day when silver was totally in style (as far as jewelry goes) and gold was totally NOT? Times have changed my friends, and I think gold is just so classy especially when paired with black.
I love me some color, but there's definitely sophistication and drama and sexiness with some black and gold goodness

love the super ornate mirror against rustic brick... THAT is how you mix styles people!
 via chic & posh

 via decorpad

 via decorpad
Note the awesome carpeting, and I always love me some black & white stripe!

 UMmm can I have this staircase for Christmas?

 Love this office... it's dark and mysterious to me, (maybe TOO dark) but it's from the Wall Street movie and with the natural lighting from the huge window, it probably totally works!


  1. Amazing selection! I love the mix of black and white with accents of gold, it's so chic! Huge Hug! XoXo

  2. The staircase is magnificent. Also love to have those in my on home. Thanks for sharing!


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