Friday, June 8, 2012

Checking in

So I got a job. Not by choice though, and definitely not anything I have any interest in. Our office assistant here in Texas left, so by default, I became IT.  Needless to say, I've been busy with paperwork and such, but it's nice because extra money will be spent in the fall on furniture. My husband has no say in this matter. It's happening.
My awesome parents and sister came out to visit me and my lil man Carter last weekend. We loves visitors!! 
I also had an awesome birthday in which I turned 28.. yikes.

Anyways, my parents are remodeling their house. I am beyond excited. First off, they have a big house, but it's from the 70's- dated fixtures and whatnot, but some cool architecture. We've always loved that house. It's definitely time, though, for an update- and they've finally started on it! I'm basically living my decorating dreams through them. A- they have the house, and B- they have the money. 
It's gonna be ah-mazing. 
While my parents were in town, I took them to High Fashion Home here in Houston, because I knew they were in the market for some furniture.
My stepmom Aimee had several things ordered including two charcoal trellis chairs, a sofa, and a metallic twig table.
So I went to work, designing their living room- I just can't resist:
Behold.... (click to enlarge)
Things always change, but I'm digging the Phillip-Jeffries rivets wallpaper a lot. The next couple months I'm gonna have some major makeovers to share so stay tuned!

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