Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some people just really have the vision...

 I'm not the hugest fan of Ikea. I think some of you may agree that it can look cheap and/or tacky, but sometimes, since the price is right, we go for it anyway. And for some simple, sleek Swedish furniture, hey, it works.
So when I see Ikea furniture transformed in a space to look expensive, I'm kind of wowed!
One of my favorite blogs by a Portuguese designer, Ana Antunes just did a makeover on a tv show with some AMAZING results. She also just posted some of her projects, using Ikea furniture. My mind is officially blown.

This console is the Malm console... You don't need anything flashy when you've got that gorgeous bench!
This striped lounge chair is the Karlstad chaise
K and awesome idea to use the Besta shelves to make cute shoe storage!
 And my absolute favorite: The Vittsjo shelves (normally black), and they were painted gold.
This space is divine. I must copy some of these ideas stat!

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