Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Look for Less

I've become a little intrigued lately by fashion blogs. Good thing too, cuz between that and pinterest, I have no excuse to look like a scrounge!
I used to be somewhat annoyed by necklaces- I never wore them much because they were just in the way- plus I felt too dressy.
And here I am all of a sudden obsessed with statement necklaces. Thank you fashion blogs.

So if you're a fan of J.crew (or fashion blogs, hence a fan of J.crew), you may have seen this amazing piece of work:
It's got a $150 price tag... boo

via pink peonies
 via minimestyle
via pink peonies

To some, $150 is worth it.. and let's be honest, it's got some serious wow factor, and can jazz up just an old t-shirt!
BUT alas, I have found imposters!
From etsy!
This shop: ily couture sells an almost exact replica for $49! The two-tone ones are very cool.

But wait! If you keep reading this post, you'll be led to an even better deal! 
Another etsy shop: blue bird has a simpler version (although just last week, she had others that also exactly resembled the J.crew version) and it's $34 plus free shipping!

You see my friends, you can be fashionable and frugal. 
And you're welcome ;)
PS Go see Snow White and the Huntsman. It's bomb.

Thanks to my friend and reader, Danielle-
There's another site that sells em for cheap!
$39 each, and buy 2 get 1 free!
Guess these bad boys are even more popular than I thought ;)

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  1. I love these necklaces! I first saw them here: for
    39 bucks!


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