Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eu sumi!

 Portuguese for I disappeared. But I'm back now with some updates- or just plain entertaining myself for the fun of it. Get excited.
First off I've noticed a pattern with other bloggers. When they disappear for a while, it's most likely cuz they're busy throwing up due to morning sickness- because they're newly prego.
I am also newly prego! But I am lucky-2nd time and I've escaped morning sickness. You probably hate me don't you. That is, if you're a girl, and you've gone through pregnancy, and endured months of nausea and misery.. I honestly really REALLY feel for you.
But the sad part is that I am hungry ALL the time. I'll be mid-workout on a treadmill and feel like I'm going to die unless I eat that mini bag of almonds I brought immediately. Lord help me not to gain 45 pounds again this time around...
I already miss my lean body... but I will get it back I promise you!
Almost 10 weeks, due end of January
So as previously discussed, I'm the office assistant out here, which means going through these stacks wads of paperwork, refolding them, checking everything, and sending them off to corporate. Super glamorous.
Oh my job wouldn't be glamorous at all... except for the fact that I've acquired a new guilty pleasure while I work.
Yes I am behind on the gossip girl craze, but now I'm on season 4 and hooked. I heart Chuck- just thought I'd throw that out there.
Please tell me anyone that reads this blog is also a fan of Bachelorette. Say what you will, I love Emily. Fake boobs (and veneers and nose) and all. I swear it's the first season where they actually pick the right people to go and stay! Am I right?!

Since there's a baby on the way, it can be very easy to get carried away, pining over nurseries and clothes and all things baby...
Just trying to hold off til I know what we're having.. and that's forever away. Boo
 Since I'm so busy "working" and whatnot, I just have to squeeze in a little time with my main man, Carter. We went down to Galveston last week with some friends. Nothing quite like the beach!
 I love my kiddo. Especially since he was so good in Madagascar 3 the other day, that I almost think the ridiculous $13 spent on matinee tix might happen again!


  1. LOVE the Bachelorette! And yes I love that she actually sees through the jerks and gets rid of them right away. I really like Emily :) And I'm so excited that you are pregnant! Hurray for not being sick, what a relief. So happy for you.

  2. Woohoo! I'm soooo excited!! Yes I do hate you for not being sick. Ok, not really...more like jealous :) You have too much stuff to do to be sick so it's a good thing you're not! 10 weeks away to find out boy/girl is a long ways away but hopefully it goes by fast. The 2nd kiddo seems to go a lot faster.

  3. Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

  4. So excited to see the next gorgeous Crandall baby and to see your cute little prego self. And I totally remember those office assistant days haha! Some of the paperwork looked like it could have literally been pulled right out of the dumpster...Oh summer sales.;)

  5. Congratulation! Lovely shot at the beach. I'm addicted to instagram


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