Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

In case you don't get any for Mother's Day.. here's a lovely bunch for you to look at =)
While on the subjects of mom, I'm always intrigued by the way some of these celebs are so put together, while toting a child around.
Like Queen Victoria.. Beckham. The girl can do no wrong.
I try... and alas I never have it together this good!
 oh Good ol Gwen
And J to the L-O
It's like I get ready for the day, but holding my son, my shirt is all stretched around the neck, I'm sweating profusely, my purse is too heavy from toting diapers and wipes everywhere I go.
The joys of being a mom.
Go us =)

Sidenote- So did anyone see pics of Kate Middleton's dress from the Olympic Gala in London?
Holy crap I love this!

 Beauty Buzz:
I found this from a cool blog and I had to try it out. Anyone heard of this miracle BB cream? Apparently it's huge in Asia, just hit England, and now Garnier came out with it here...
Lynette from theitgirlproject posted about it and I had to try it... I guess it's pretty hard to find, but I picked it up at Walmart the first time.
And the verdict: I LOVE IT!
I feel like it's a perfect summer "foundation" although it's more of a skin corrector, so it's GOOD for your skin, evens it out, and it's not heavy. And it was something like 7 bucks... I highly recommend it!

This post is becoming huge...

Anyone/everyone heard of 
It's amazing.. times TEN
Anyhow little did I know that it's based in HOUSTON!! Like Houston is it's only location, so of course I went to check it out yesterday..

This headboard= TO DIE FOR. I texted a pic to my stepmom, and let's say there is a high possibility she will purchase it. It's amazing.
The whole store is rad beyond belief. 

And in an effort to be a good mom one day, I took my little one back down to Kemah this week..
Love this place

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  1. Love BB Cream! My skin can become really dry and I love how this product feels like a good, rich tinted moisturizer without clinging to dry spots like some foundations can.


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