Thursday, November 7, 2013

South Korea

We flew through Seoul to and from Cambodia. On the way back, we had an 8 HOUR layover in the airport, so we took a little (free!) tour around Incheon.
I would have really liked to see more of South Korea. I tend to feel a little more comfortable in 1st world countries =)

We visited these botanical gardens that had some touristy info displays, if I can even call it that? I actually don't know, buuuuut it was cool.

 I discovered here, in South Korea, why eggplant is called eggplant--- Look at em growing!

 Aaron, on this particular day, was sporting his Hitler mustache, and was high on 5-hour energy. ;)
 These Korean boys ran up to him, and thought his mustache was SO COOL. Speaking of cool, look how cool THEY are dressed. I remember we had a few Koreans in my high school. They were always so stylish. And so nice. I've decided I really like Asians.

Korean market. 

 So they had a little information center, telling about Korean culture and history. They had a wedding getup that we tried on.
 We've now been remarried in Korea =)
 I wish we had more time to try real Korean food. 
 I love Asian pagodas... I was kind of in heaven with architecture and Asian style with decorating. Chinoiserie is one of my favs

Like look at this brick wall! I took a picture just so I can recreate it in some way, on some future project =) And the flowers.. it was all amazing.
 photo stephanie-sig_zpse9faeb59.jpg

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