Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back to busy real life

This time of year for us is CRAZY. We're so busy but having fun so it's okay. After our Cambodia trip, we were so happy to see our babies again!!
 My parents are the best, for watching Carter and Mason for us. They were in great hands!

 Carter still asks to go back to Mimi's house
 He misses having 5 extra kids to play with!

We finally got around to carving pumpkins the night before Halloween. Whatever works. Luckily, my sister Val provided the homegrown pumpkins for us =)
 Carter had a cute Halloween presentation at his preschool. He dressed up as Ironman this year. His best friend Capri is sporting the Brave wig =)

 Mason is such a happy baby! He's mobile, doing the army crawl like Carter always did.

 To go along with Carter's superhero theme, we dressed Mason as Superman =)
 Carter and Capri, at her house. They love each other 
 My favorite heroes!
 My brother Kent came down for the weekend and we went to my Grandpa Packard's wedding in Salt Lake. Aaron was sick, so Kent was my date for the day

 Random pictures of Mr. Mase enjoying his bath 

 Carter turned 4! He's been really excited about his birthday

 Happy baby Mason!

 We took the kids to the mall to play at the play area. Mason and Matix are a month apart (Matix is Capri's brother) and they were really silly together.
 A few days later, we had a superhero birthday party for Carter and all his superhero friends!

And that concludes our family updates =) Aaron's setting off for a knocking trip this week, so I'll be tackling house projects. It's been a while and I miss them.

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