Sunday, November 17, 2013

Moms and babies

In the spirit of November and Thanksgiving, I am grateful for awesome friends. I have long-distance friends that I've had for a decade (or more!), some I met within the last few years with Aaron's job, and some I'm just now getting to know and think are pretty awesome. 
One of the perks of living in Utah, is that there are lots of young moms with young kids, and often with similar interests as me. 
I always have something to do, and can find someone to hang out with =)

The other day, two of my good friends, Alicia & Malia decided we should take all our kids on a hike up Spanish Fork Canyon, and take our swimsuits to let the kids jump in the hot pots!
I live in such a cool place.
K I'm not gonna pretend that this hike was a blast, because it was actually pretty tricky, seeing as we took 3 babies, plus 6 kids up! And it was cold. BUT the kids did awesome, and we all had a really good time. 
I think I speak for the 3 of us moms that we feel a sense of pride of having done that by ourselves. Our husbands were out of town or at work, so we just don't wait around for something to do!
Carter struggled but did really well for him... he's not a big "exerciser" and the hike was 2 miles up then down! Mason had a blast being carried around in the backpack, and actually kept leaning to the side so he could see where we were going. And he eventually fell asleep that way. =)

Awesome day, awesome adventure.

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