Friday, August 2, 2013

And we're home!

We are back in Utah again, for good (me and the boys anyway.. Aaron is back in Texas).
We made the most out of south Texas while we were there, visiting the beach and then Sea World on the way home!

First, maybe we should discuss how cute this baby is. His happy smile KILLS ME.

We went to South Padre Island on our last Sunday in McAllen. It was Mason's first time at the beach, and he just loves to be outside. He wanted to be carried around down by the water because he has FOMO and refuses to be left alone by himself!
 Carter's pretty much the cutest thing ever with his seashell collection. Of everything, that's what he liked best, and we brought every last shell home for him to bury in his sandbox =)

We went on a pirate cruise which was cool BUT we were already reeeally tired and the cruise was kind of long which made for a neverending day. Carter had fun.. Mason kinda fussed the whole time...

Captain Carter
The cruise provided entertainment for the kids the whole time and it was really cute. Carter got to sword fight with the main pirate and go on a treasure hunt =)

Later in the week, Mason got a haircut! He has the most wiry, coarse hair I've ever seen on a baby. It's not soft AT ALL. My hair is softer. He needs a hot oil treatment or something...

 Long story short, Aaron's team wasn't doing amazing selling in McAllen so most of the guys wanted to move back up to Beaumont, Aaron included. They were going back to live in hotels again, and that doesn't work for me and 2 kids, so we decided Aaron would drive us back to Utah instead. We had to drive through San Antonio, and it only made sense to make a little stop at Sea World!
And yes my boys are matching =)

It was SO. HOT. Both of them passed out immediately.. Carter didn't even wake up when we sat him in a chair at Panda Express

And we made it home!!! See how happy we are?!
 We finally get to enjoy our yard! Carter (no pants) is back to his OCD playing outside, lining up all his toys ;)

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