Sunday, August 18, 2013

not sayin I'm a gold digger...

But I really love me some gold.
Not the real kind. Liquid gold..
No, not breastmilk.
We are done with that.

I'm talkin gold spray paint. I think I have a 5-month permanent high from fumes.
But my house and its formerly ugly contents are thanking me, so we're all good!

Maybe I've already showed this.. the gray file cabinet in our office came with simple gray knobs that were cheap looking. I wanted to change em out for real brass hardware, but it's cheaper to just spray paint those little nubs! And so I did...

And I took an old brown clock and a cheap brown frame...

 Dollar bin at Target had plastic dinosaurs. Mason had it comin....
BAM! Gold
 Another Target gem... cheapie neon table, that's probably cool for college... but not my living room. I sprayed the wire, and covered the top with wrapping paper. I need to spray a protective coat on the top still, but you get the idea =)

More office accessories: 
Scissors that used to be sparkly purple... GOLD. Ugly orange plastic Ikea pot... now GOLD. And yes that is a turtle shell on my wall. Actually I have 2. They're not gold... they're mustard and they actually came that way. I bought them with the purpose of spraying them gold, but I ended up liking the yellow. So strange of me..

 And this is a gold makeover of sorts, but I did not use spray paint for this one. Target (again) was the source of these lamps, but I thought the shade was blah. I had purchased these gold stud stickers at Joann's months ago, knowing I'd certainly find some project to do. And that I did..

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