Thursday, July 25, 2013

the Yak

Me and the boys flew up to Seattle to catch the end of my family reunion and spend some time with my immediate family. Let's just say 2 kids through the airport and 2 flights is not my favorite thing. We managed somehow.

Washington is SO nice after being in the heat and humidity of Texas. Which makes me realize me and Aaron were crazy to think of moving out here.. climate makes a big difference when it comes to my comfort and happiness! =)
It's become a tradition for my dad to take the grandkids (Carter) and my little siblings out on the 4-wheelers
4-wheeling in a dress? Why not?

My dad has always loved babies. And Mason got plenty of attention that week!
Carter loves berries, and that's also his and Grandpa's little thing, is to go pick berries in the yard =)
 I got to spend some time with Melanie, which is always fun! It makes me a little sad that I'm not around much to see her grow up =(  And I never thought we looked alike til I saw this picture!

Since I was flying out of Seattle, Aimee and I made a day trip out of it and took the kids to the Pacific Science Center- one of my favorites places for me growing up

And as my luck would have it, we missed our flight the following morning! So Uncle Ryan came to our rescue! We got to spend an extra day in Seattle with him and his girlfriend, and go boating. I was not bummed about this.

We had missed our flight but our luggage had gone through so we had to make a Target stop to get toothbrushes, a change of clothes, etc. Ryan took over the kids while I busted through Target.... and he is not wearing shoes haha! We went right after boating, and his sandals had blown off the boat! So he pulled a "walmart" at Target... so embarrassing ;)

And now I want to go back to Washington already.....

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