Friday, July 19, 2013

JuMbLe of pHoToS

I just got back from an awesome trip to Washington to see my family but I haven't been able to upload the photos yet for some reason. So here's just some fun pictures from our time out here in McAllen, TX.

I had forgotten about this cute picture and just found it. Grandma Belinda helped us drive out to Texas- she is awesome and the boys love her =)

Here's our silly boys- Mason who had to bathe in the sink for a while (he now likes to lay in the bath tub). And Carter, who hid in the dresser. He did get stuck, and cried.

 Fourth of July waiting for daddy to get home
 gosh this kid is cute. even when it's blurry
 This is one of only a few family photos we have! For the 4th of July, the guys played softball and we had a team BBQ. Good times
 The girls!
It's weird to have so few kids

Carter loves Mason. A lot. Almost too much...

We love our little Mason. It's become kind of a routine where Aaron will get up early and work out while I get the kids going. Then he'll get home and take over while I head to the gym. And Mason is usually asleep on Aaron's chest when I get back =) So cute
But he's still a mama's boy.. note the drool all over my shirt ;)

Happy boy with just those two teeth still. He's rolling all over the place and hates to be tied down to one spot- like his car seat.

 And here's the whole team + significant others. We had a service project, picking up trash at a local park. 
Go vivint.

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