Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Look for Less

Okay so I can't stand paying full price for anything.. I've become quite ridiculous at looking for the cheapest bargains but to me it's very much worth it! Thanks to a great website called, I have found some wonderful examples of rip-offs and knock-offs:

This lovely chair retails for $895 but has been on sale for $459

But wait! Interesting.. a very similar chair found on for $292!
Now we've got this wonderful mirror from Pottery Barn: $189. Not atrocious, but alas.....
This beauty from Lowe's is only $78
Next we have a storage ottoman I AM DYING TO HAVE! (Just gotta convince the hubs)... for $249
Yet overstock has the exact same thing for $131

Last but not least, a little garden stool, which surprisingly I do not own yet because I think they're cute... this one is $118 and that's even cheap, I've seen them over $300 before, just for this ceramic stool!

And once again an identical one for $85 on (Oh but can I mention that I have spotted a red one and a brown for as little as $15?! Big Lots and Burlington, my friends. Who would have thought?)

Here's a dining table for...  $1,998!! I know right? Crazy expensive

And our lovely friend IKEA has got the same idea- could be a table OR desk, for only $139, and I kinda like this IKEA one better!

So there you have it... shop around! There is always a better deal somewhere!

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