Monday, October 14, 2013


So.. I currently have an unnatural hair color. On a whim, I dyed it burgundy. I get interesting reactions, but mostly positive. Kids get a little confused- Carter was really intrigued, telling everyone he knows that "mommy has red hair!"
So, yesterday a random little girl at church (from another ward and probably 5 years old), came up to me and seemed really bothered about my hair. She was like... why is your hair like that?? I have to joke around and say, "what? How did my hair get purple?!" Usually they think it's funny, like this happened on accident ;)
This girl did not think it was funny. "It's not pretty. I don't like it. You shouldn't do that. It should be your regular hair. That isn't pretty." She kept saying this!
Lol.. k bratty 5-year old..
So I could care less what a little blonde girl thinks of me, but her Mom was standing right there, didn't seem too bothered, just said "please excuse my obnoxious daughter."The girl kept going...

Well, how about a teaching moment TO your daughter. Does she say things like that when she says someone of a different race, with a different skin color?! Carter has said reallllly embarrassing things to people (innocently, of course), but I try to teach him on the spot about people being different, and that that's okay.

Sidenote: our babysitter showed up the other day, and he called her fat!! We were mortified.. he shall not utter those words ever again ;)

Here in Utah, a lot of people look the same.
And kids are innocent and curious and just say what's on their mind. BUT when they see someone in a wheelchair, or someone that's overweight, or someone with a noticeable piercing, or with burgundy hair, teach them about those differences. Don't just excuse their comments. That handicapped person, or African American.. they will appreciate you showing your kids that it's okay that they don't look like everyone else.

Did I take this too far? Okay I'll get off my soapbox now =) Besides, I need to go blow dry this frizzy red hair of mine before it dries like this, and I REALLY start scaring the kids...

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