Friday, July 13, 2012

On my mind

So have you heard of this Fit to Fat to Fit guy?? I may have posted about him before. Anyway, he's a personal trainer who's always been super fit and active- just ripped. He wanted to try an experiment to be able to empathize with the overweight and decided to just let himself go and gain a ton of weight over the course of 6 months, and then spend the next 6 months trying to get back into shape. He's been all over the news, which is awesome since he's local to us! (Eagle Mountain, UT).
Here's his before picture from a year ago...
I guess he gained a whopping 70 pounds in 6 months.
Eating a whole pizza in one setting or a dozen donuts...
 From what I can tell from his website, he's finished those last 6 months, getting back into shape!
So when I first came across this guy, my thought was, wow, he's crazy.. and brave to even try to do this. 
My second thought was, "K you couldn't even PAY a woman to intentionally gain weight like that, even if she could lose it again!" (unless you're Renee Zellwegger making millions to portray Bridget Jones but whatev).

So lately, I kinda had an interesting thought. A woman would never pay to gain weight like that?? Yes, they do, without pay and with much sacrifice. Sometimes several times in their lifetime.
Bye bye to cute skinny fit bodies for 9 months (plus more) to make way for a pregnant belly. I'm pretty sure I know girls who've gained 70 pounds too! And lots of those girls bust their butts to get into shape again after having a baby.
All I gotta say is.. go US!
Don't know who this is, but I hope it's motivating, not depressing for those who still struggle with pregnancy weight, because I know it's not the norm. It's actually quite amazing that we go through these kind of transformations though. We are fit to fat to fit several times over yo!

Brought to you by your friendly blogger, feelin the fat pregnancy blues =)
And I haven't even hit 2nd trimester yet!


  1. Good post! I totally feeling in the "fat" stage right now... You make some great points--props to us women for sharing our bodies with our babies...for what often seems like forever!!


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