Saturday, August 21, 2010

House Hunt

Sooooo although I'm still in Ohio (just for another 4 days), I can't help but look at houses online for around Utah County. You see, we need a bigger place with a soon-to-be-walking toddler. Now, as I've searched around looking at pictures of houses and townhomes, I have found a common pattern...
Anyone in Utah may have noticed (and I really don't mean to offend because I have also fallen victim) that every house has a similar theme inside. BROWN. Brown leather couches, dark brown woods, beige walls, tan accessories... just everything neutral. Let me me demonstrate: (these are all from home ads)

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

And then Exhibit C
This particular photo throws in some red. It's kinda like we're all afraid of color, but then the red and brown theme was really in, so BAM, we've got some color... we've ALL got that color. Granted that style was kind of in... I've watched David Bromstad's Color Splash from a few years ago, and that's all people were asking for. And I love red! It's just interesting that in Utah especially, that's been such the rage. I wonder if people really are afraid of color, or if they think brown hides all the dirt and grime from your kids (which is true) or if it's just been the in-thing.

I'm kinda hoping things turn more in this direction...
So pretty!

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