Tuesday, February 11, 2014

catching up on projects

Decorating is never done. Especially when... you're me.

I made my headboard a few months ago. Our bedroom is almost complete! I'll be posting final pics on that soon.

Light Makeover #1
Here was our living room.. it was coming together except for this dang light.. which you can't even see really well but I've always hated it. The style just wasn't right and Aaron wasn't stoked about me spending a lot of money for a new light.

So, I went to Habitat for Humanity Restore a few months ago, looking for potential gems.
I found this really ugly, broken chandelier for $15. Really I should have asked for it for free, and I think they would have given it to me.

This thing first got spray painted black... but it looked too spooky-Halloweenish. So then I sprayed it light blue. I didn't love it. So I went back to gold. I wanted no shades, and I wanted round bulbs to make it more modern.
I like it, I don't love it, but hey... $15? To be honest, I've been thinking about spraying it magenta (!!!) Or orange.

 Light Makeover #2
When we moved in, there was only builder-bland lighting, of course. These pendant lights were simple, not exciting, and they hung way too low! Like anyone taller than Aaron or myself would smack their face on them if they leaned into the island! They had to go...
But it wasn't a "need" and I couldn't find a good enough deal to justify brand new pendant lights.

Enter IKEA. Brand new line... and they were $25 a piece!!
And they had gold touches. My favorite
 But I wanted more gold (duh) so I spray painted the inside of them gold as well. Unfortunately you can't really see it from this picture. But they were a pretty sweet (and cheap!) upgrade ;)

 Bathroom Project
Everything in our master bath is BEIGE. Floor to ceiling, and it drives me nuts. One day Aaron pointed out to me that there's an outlet for a light fixture about the tub, and wanted to know if I planned on getting one. Uhhhhh..... is that an invitation?! So I ordered a little chandelier, and decided to paint the curve above the tub. I originally wanted horizontal stripes, I thought it would look really cool with the curve. So I painted it white (with the intention on white and mint stripes) and then went to measure things out. Using a level on a curve to measure straight lines is IMPOSSIBLE!! I gave up after 3.5 minutes.

I remembered a cool abstract paint job I saw in a bathroom once. It took literally 20 minutes and ended up being pretty cool. It looks better in person, because the lines photograph all wonky. I'm probably going to end up painting the rest of the bathroom the same color.. once I get to that ;)

 As if I didn't have enough to do, I've also been trying to get Mason's room decorated =) Here's the plan, and it's almost all done, and looks pretty close to this! It's almost all DIY and on a small budget.

This was my little sugar plum admiring the snow a few weeks ago. He was so confused but then kept trying to catch it. So cute

 photo stephanie-sig_zpse9faeb59.jpg


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