Thursday, August 23, 2012

at it again

Ya know, I started this blog just as an outlet for my hobbies. All unrelated but still fun. I hate to say fitness is not by focus right now, because I'm still working out and trying to do my best at 17+ weeks pregnancy. I actually took my son for a jog in the stroller last night and wished someone were around to take a picture of that sight! A sweaty mess, pushing a stroller, with my baby bulge hangin out. As much as I hate how my body reacts with pregnancy, I feel good about still being able to run on a treadmill, lift some free weights, and keep up pretty well with my previous workouts. (Of course I can no longer do pull-ups- I haven't even attempted, and I've resorted to "girl" push-ups, but I'm still trucking!)
I figure even if I gain 45 pounds again (fingers crossed that I DON'T), at least I'm planning on working out as long as possible, which is already much longer than my first pregnancy!

I put my decorating obsession on the backburner because we moved out to Texas temporarily for the summer, and it's actually depressing when you're stuck in a white, empty apartment for going on 5 months. BUT there is a light at the end of this tunnel!...

From the looks of things, the husband's job has been going so well out here that he wants to make it permanent in Texas, preferably in Houston. Which means buying a HOUSE! And soon! So of course I'm rekindling that decorating fire and concocting all the things I could do when we finally have the space for it!

I've had random strangers ask for decorating advice on rooms, family members who are remodeling, and then also just an idea or product that I love and I just have to get creative with it. So throughout the summer I've had a few projects.. for others, and just for fun.

My parents' new living room they're remodeling

A bedroom I put together for a reader

A random girl nursery that I wanted to design around that awesome, I don't know what I'm having yet, so this isn't mine! ;)

 And my future bedroom perhaps? =) I'm rather obsessed with neutrals + orange lately

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Navy vs. J.Crew

I dunno what it is lately but this summer Old Navy has been awesome. Like crazy cute stuff. I got a J.crew catalog the other day and was so in love with all the polka dots but since I'm pregnant going into fall and winter, I get kind of sad because those cute things just don't work too well with a belly.
Bottom line- I still wanna dress cute but don't wanna pay a lot of $$ on huge sizes I never want to wear again!
Enter Old Navy and their knock-offs!

J.crew dot sweater $268
Old Navy $24.94
J.crew again.. same price, and Old Navy has the same thing, just with black dots, for $25
J.crew leopard flats $258
Old Navy spotted flats $24.50.. And I like these ones better! And thus I bought them last week, love them

J.crew- these comparisons are a little bit of a stretch, but for a striped colorblock shirt, I'd say it's still a pretty good deal.
J.crew $49.50
Old Navy $18
Again, not the same but I still think this is cute

J.crew polka dot pants $158
 Old Navy dotted pants $25.00
J.Crew patterned pants (ok they're dots too) $118
 Old Navy chevron pants $27.94
 J.Crew pink skinnies $98

 Old Navy pink skinnies $34.50

 J.Crew gingham shirt $78

Old Navy $23

Happy Shopping ;)

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