Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Navy vs. J.Crew

I dunno what it is lately but this summer Old Navy has been awesome. Like crazy cute stuff. I got a J.crew catalog the other day and was so in love with all the polka dots but since I'm pregnant going into fall and winter, I get kind of sad because those cute things just don't work too well with a belly.
Bottom line- I still wanna dress cute but don't wanna pay a lot of $$ on huge sizes I never want to wear again!
Enter Old Navy and their knock-offs!

J.crew dot sweater $268
Old Navy $24.94
J.crew again.. same price, and Old Navy has the same thing, just with black dots, for $25
J.crew leopard flats $258
Old Navy spotted flats $24.50.. And I like these ones better! And thus I bought them last week, love them

J.crew- these comparisons are a little bit of a stretch, but for a striped colorblock shirt, I'd say it's still a pretty good deal.
J.crew $49.50
Old Navy $18
Again, not the same but I still think this is cute

J.crew polka dot pants $158
 Old Navy dotted pants $25.00
J.Crew patterned pants (ok they're dots too) $118
 Old Navy chevron pants $27.94
 J.Crew pink skinnies $98

 Old Navy pink skinnies $34.50

 J.Crew gingham shirt $78

Old Navy $23

Happy Shopping ;)

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