Saturday, November 17, 2012

Resuming the blog!

I've decided that instead of slacking on both of my blogs, I'm eventually going to condense the two and actually update it more than once every other month. And I've decided this because my life is actually getting more interesting!

So here's some updates!!

First off, we are obviously back in Utah, to stay. Our "housing situation" has been less than ideal, since it's taken us a YEAR to actually buy a house. We sold our condo in Orem, hoping to close on a house in Lehi, and then found ourselves homeless because the sellers backed out (long story). Every possible thing in the book has gone wrong, and none of it was because of us.

So here's where we've been living the past month... Grandpa's house! Carter really loves his great Grandpa Packard. He's been so great to let us crash with him for this indefinite amount of time.

Since we had time to kill, while waiting for the house situation, we went to Disneyland!!
And me and Aaron have finally gone on some much needed dates

And I happen to still be pregnant. Not my favorite stage in life by any means. I feel huge this 2nd time around but I'm grateful I've been able to at least still work out, and baby boy is healthy and I feel great. So I need not complain! Baby's due the 3rd or 4th week of January.. (not sure because it will most likely be another c-section).

Soooooo. The house. How we love it. We were devastated when it fell through the first time, but things got back on track, and then the closing didn't happen yesterday like it was supposed to (again, not our fault). The latest and most accurate news is that we are closing next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and moving in the following Monday/Tuesday, after the weekend. I've debated even showing pictures because we seem to get screwed every time we're this close to getting a house, but everything seems legit this time around FINALLY. 
So here's a sneak peek =)  (with the current owners' stuff)
Lovely white kitchen + dark counters. My fav
 Lovely fireplace + built-ins. <3

That's all for now =)

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