Wednesday, January 15, 2014

why i'm not competing

Everyone is asking, so I thought I'd sum it up in one setting!
I only competed once, in figure- in which I didn't even place well, so I'd hardly call myself a "competitor." But right after that show in March, 2012 I got prego with Mason. The whole pregnancy, I missed being in that shape and I decided that I would lose the baby weight as quick as possible, get super ripped, and compete within 10 months at the November show.
That show occurred during our Cambodia trip. No-go.
So I decided on this coming March.

And for right now, it's not happening. A big reason is that Aaron doesn't really want me to compete. He doesn't like the idea of me wearing close to nothing on a stage, and I definitely get that. It's also a sacrifice on both our parts, because I have to spend a lot of brain power, will power, time, money, and energy on competition prep, and I don't think he wants to deal with "hangry" Steph!
Aaron's all about me achieving my goals and doing something I love, etc. but his hold-ups are things that I respect right now.

The biggest thing though, is that I am not mentally ready for it. Competing becomes an obsession. Timing your meals just so, and every macronutrient accounted for. And it's all appearance-based. 

I am not committed. And you need to be if you're gonna embark on something like that and expect to do well.

I love food. But I have very healthy habits. I eat clean 85% of the time, and I work out 5-6 days a week. But I don't want to feel bad if I eat dressing on my salad, because it has 5 grams of sugar, and it's not "clean." I don't want to go out with my girl friends for lunch and bring a cooler of tilapia and asparagus. I'm just not ready for that, and kudos to those who do that ALL THE TIME! That's why they're on
I do feel like I've been able to slowly get results, the way I want to do it, without being restricted and deprived.

I'm not trying to be Miss Figure Olympia, or a published fitness model, but I do feel a desire, and a need to be in really good shape. I'm a personal trainer! I need to look and be the part. And someday, who knows, maybe later this year, I'll be extra determined to buckle down, diet hard, and get ripped for a show.

So those of you who have thought about competing, or are currently prepping, you are amazing! I know what it takes and it is SO taxing. I'm more than a little jealous because, well, we all want to look amazing and shredded, but you are putting in the work and are committed to your goal. Aaaaand I'm not.. Boo.

BUT I will do it again, mark my words! Now's not the time.. unless someone is really really convincing!

Mason turns one next week! How did that happen?! I thought about posting my year in pictures.. from my fat prego self, to current. I will do that next week. For now, here's my little baby 6-pack comin through from a few weeks ago... when I flex just right, in just the right light ;) It's been my goal.. if now I can get leaner, lose the stretch marks, get my separated abs back together, and heal up my umbilical hernia! Say what?! Yeah, for reals. Kinda jacked up.

But hey, it's progress.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas and family pics

Eek, it's been a while. It's been a busy couple of months.

We got our family pictures done! Which everyone knows since they were sent out in Christmas cards and posted all over facebook ;)

My husband is so attractive.

They turned out cute. Especially when the boys were happy =)
Again, look at that husband of mine. Mmmm hmmm

Then a few weeks later,  my family came to town and ALL of us had pictures done.

They are SO. CUTE.

 While my family was in town in mid-December, we went to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights

We had a family gift exchange with homemade gifts. It was really fun (and hard!) to think of things to make. I had Mia's name and bejeweled her a chalkboard.
The kids had a BLAST playing at our house. I caught Joseph and Carter playing a duet on the piano =)

Other Christmas festivities: We did Sub for Santa at Vivint. Shopping for other people.. yes please!
And we love Mason's chubbiness

Carter had a little Christmas program at Preschool and it was so funny! Him and his bestie Capri were so silly, and kept putting their Santa hats over their face, and then Carter kept trying to eat the ball on the end. Their teacher was probably less than thrilled but we were entertained!
Vivint Christmas party.. Carter sitting on Santa's lap

Me and some of my besties took our kiddos to go see the reindeer at Thanksgiving Point. We kind of just look for any excuse to hang out =)

Why buy toys when these two can entertain themselves in a box?!

Mason is into everything these days and LOVES the dishwasher. He'll climb right inside it, and throw all the silverware onto the floor.
Lately he says uh-oh all the time (usually AS he throws his food onto the floor). and he says Mama, and has learned to clap. He's at such a fun age!

 Me and Alicia took our kids one day to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. This might have been Mason's first time in sand. He wouldn't stop eating it.

 He's so sweet!

 Christmas!! I love our tree. I love that it's wintry and fresh, and it makes me happy. Sad it's gone now =(
 Blurry but one of my favorite pictures ever of these two!! Santa brought this car for Carter, and I know it's gonna be so fun especially once it warms up.
 This cute baby... he kills me. He stands, assisted, and I'm sure will be walking any day.
 They are the cutest.. and they love each other
 More fun times in the car... in the basement. There's no seat belts, and Mason kinda goes flying haha

So this picture demands a story. Carter constantly mauls Mason. Like lays on Mason. All the time. And Mason gets so annoyed. Me and Aaron had to go to the jewelry store to get our watches sized, and Carter fell asleep on the way. Aaaaand we laid him on the ground of the jewelry store (we are awesome.. and you might notice Carter's awesome outfit that he picked out.. snow boots and shorts. Okay then).
So we set Mason down and he immediately takes advantage of the situation. He starts poking at Carter's face, and smiling, and then he lays on him, and Mason thought it was so funny. Karma, Carter... one day very soon Mason will be bigger. And you will be sorry ;)

We went to exchange gifts last week, and Mason was trying on hats. He's cute

 When you're outnumbered 3 to 1, get used to silly things going on around the house. Like Aaron pitching a tent in our bedroom. Carter and Mason thought it was a blast. Thank you Ryan for the tent, they are obviously stoked to try that out ;)

Aaaaaaand that's a wrap!

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